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Have your brand's logo when networking.

All you have to do is upload your logo and leave us a note, our designer will do the rest!

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  • @yamelgabriela x Yellow Sticker

  • @emayouyang x Flower Pop

  • @whoiskyra x Rainbow Sticker

  • @fashao x Yellow Sticker

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Frequently Asked

Compatible Devices

iOSiPhone 8 Series,iPhone X Series,iPhone 11 Series,iPhone SE2,iPhone 12 Series,iPhone 13 Series, iPhone 14 Series.

①Scanning area is at the top of the iPhone.

②Scanner's iOS must be iOS 13 or above.

③If other's phone are the following devices, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, they will need to use 'NFC Scanner' to receive your information, under "Setting" - "Control Centre".

Androids: All devices with NFC functions!

How to use after purchase?

1. Go to your App Market and download 'INSTAP'

2. Register and login to your account

3. Activate your INSTAP device

4. Start tapping people :)

*Make sure their phone screen is on!*

How do others receive my information?

They just need to use their phone's NFC scanning area to approach your INSTAP, they DO NOT need any applications or this product!

*If they are using Android devices, they might need to turn on NFC manually.

"Invalid Devices" when activating.

If you are experiencing this problem, you have to do the following and contact our customer service.

1. Open your 'INSTAP' application

2. Click on setting icon

3. Click on ‘Serial Number'

4. Scan your INSTAP device

5. A serial number will appear on your screen(it will automatically copied to clipboard) , you will have to send it to our customer service.

We might need you to provide your order number or proof of purchase, thanks!

I want to sell INSTAP to make money!

Contact us by:

+86 185 1905 2211(WhatsApp)

Time: 10:00AM - 22:00PM(GMT+8)

Email: b2b@instapofficial.com